Internship - Volunteer program at White Pegasus, M. Papigo, Zagorohoria

Internship – Volunteer program at White Pegasus

Having a natural herd of horses and maintaining them and their stables along with children, goats, dogs is hard work but also a great learning environment for potential stable owners, vets, animal science majors etc. So when I began the company I decided to offer an internship program where students studying, Animal Science, Equine science, veterinary or anything related to farm animals and their care, treatment, biology could come to White Pegasus and receive credit for their time spent here. Currently Universities from the U.S., Denmark, Germany, Costa Rica, etc have had students of theirs come and do their internships at our stables. I also work with an international volunteer site called Helpx whereby volunteers from all over the world can come and in exchange for food and board they offer their assistance with the horses, care, stable duties, trail rides etc.

Anyone interested in either volunteering or interning here can contact me via email and more details will be sent! I usually will accept only volunteers or interns that are willing to stay at the minimum 2 months or more, as I find that it takes a while for people to learn the horses grazing routes, trails, hierarchy, etc as well as to build a decent rapport between the horses and their handlers.